James Hansen

James Hansen

James Hansen
Investigator; Event Security Coordinator & Process Server

Jim has been involved with Law Enforcement for over 26 years.  In addition he has 23 years working in Private Security. While working in Law Enforcement he has investigated Sexual/Physical Assaults; Theft/Fraud Investigations; conducted  Surveillances  and Interrogations.

He has also worked with staff to develop a rapid response to an ultra violent situation which included, initial response, entry, neutralizing threat, clearing the building, and creating warm zones to bring rescue personnel in to remove those injured. Developed a close working relationship with Police/Fire/Rescue

During his 23 years of working Private Security he has been involved with Personal and Property Security.  In addition for a number of years he has manage the security needs for an annual  six day event serving approximately 150,000 guests.

He has also assisted in evaluating security needs of a large  school district and assisted in implementing an alerting system which alerts local law enforcement within seconds of the beginning of an ultra violent incident.

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